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I Live a Life in a World Filled with Balloons
Daft King of Joy, You've Made a Man Out of Me
Help if you please! 
27th-Apr-2009 12:27 am
A breakdown in communication
Two portforlios - one creative writing, the other lifewriting and a book review - two essays and two exams - on British Cinema and Textual Analysis.

For many, this is not alot. For me, on the otherhand, I have just been struck (as though by lightening) how much this is....particularly if you include the reading that is needed to be involved. So I settled down at my lappy top (this is the name for my laptop) to at least attempt some creative and: nothing. Nought. Nada and other 'n' words that mean Oh God why can't I think of anything to put down on this nice blank screen????!.

I hate this. It's so annoying. I've reread some of the stuff I've written and cannot fathom how I came up with any of it. Also I feel sick.....that's probably my fault for smoking too much and not drnking enough water though.

If there are any cures for a mind block of the creative kind please send them my way. Pigeon, telepathy or simply by the royal mail I really don't mind. I am also open to wide variety of ideas :)
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